Handmade with love,
by Cristina


You can't forget to eat well, can you?

Handmade tagliolini in a jubilation of versions: with porcini mushrooms and fresh chanterelles; with Botiro, from Primiero, our malga butter; with deer ragout with berries or with the “classic” ragout of our Chef Cristina. We are ready to bet that once tried, this will be a dish that will remain in your heart!

Like our soups of polenta, chestnuts and porcini, or as the “fagot da mont“, stuffed pasta typical of Trentino. And a second? The pork ribs, the salted meat, the venison steak, the goulash with polenta, the typical dish: all raw material strictly local and coming from authentic Trentino breeders (except the game of course!).

In addition, our panoramic restaurant with a view of the Pale di San Martino never misses a riot of vegetables (stuffed, fresh, sautéed, steamed or with garlic and garlic) and never misses homemade cakes with love by our Cristina that reworks the classic recipes of Trentino with a touch of innovation! Speaking of “news”: have you ever eaten fish at two thousand meters? We can do it, at least once a week and strictly cool! During the meal local wine and at the end a nice aromatic brandy!


When beauty and goodness meet at the table

Cristina’s reign is her kitchen where every day she tests her desire to make the people who choose Albergo Vezzana happy.

She was born near the sea, but since she met Passo Rolle in 1989, she hasn’t left him and decided to make him her home.

It transmits love in everything it does and serves on the table. Because he believes it: quality first.


Authentic flavors at breakfast